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& feature walls.


Leisure Workshop makes products & artwork that provide pleasure in the everyday.

From our much-loved Fire Starter, to the iconic Wooden NZ Topo Maps and Feature Walls, our work ignites conversation.

"This smart new product works perfectly for those wanting a quick start fire on those frosty winter mornings without having to find or cut kindling. Love it!"

- Llewelyn D.

"Love the product - the Fire Starter not only works great but it looks fantastic too."

- Carissa S.

"Absolutely worth every cent. I love the freedom from knowing the fire will reliably stay lit. I can go outside, do my jobs and the house will be toasty warm when I get back inside."

- Jill W.

We do highly customisable design and install services for wall cladding and fit outs for both residential and commercial. Have an idea? Reach out to us.

Quick Reads

  • Our customers always comment on how easy the Fire Starter tool is use. If you are still unsure as to how it works, then read our blog showing you each step here.

    How does the Fire Starter work?

  • Check out our custom work. Each custom piece we make comes from its own story & connection to the client. We love portraying their narratives in our unique way using modern manufacturing practices. Check out custom work here.