How does the Fire Starter work?

The Fire Starter is a revolutionary way to light your fire without kindling or newspaper. We thought we would help with wrapping your head around the concept by sharing this blog with you.

The porous ceramic stone absorbs lamp the oil in the vessel. Once lit, it produces a generous flame for 15-20 minutes, allowing large logs to catch fire. Dry firewood is still necessary in order for this fireplace tool to work.

Fire Starter nz Firelighter nz fire lighter firestarter nz

The Fire Starter also adds a complimentary aesthetic to your fireplace.


STEP 1. 

Fill the pot with enough lamp oil to cover the firestone. 



Soak your fire stone in the lamp oil for about 10-15 minutes, you will eventually figure out the right amount of time that works with your firewood, which may be longer or shorter.

Note - you can put the stone back into the pot once it has cooled down from the night before to leave it soaking for longer.



Use the hook to remove the soaked Fire Lighter stone from the pot and place into the fireplace. Lightly roll the firestone in the ashes to make it easier to light. Light the firestone. Please note the firestone produces a large flame, ensure it is safely in the fireplace before lighting.

Fire Starter nz Firelighter nz fire lighter firestarter nz



Place seasoned firewood on top of the firestone. No kindling is needed. The firestone will burn for 15 - 20 minutes. Please note that your firewood must still be dry.

Fire Starter nz Firelighter nz fire lighter firestarter nz


Here's a very quick step-by-step image sequence of how it works.

Fireplace design how to start a fire fire lighter fire starter



How does the Firelighter work?

The Fire Starter works by soaking lamp oil into the porous ceramic stone, which then burns for about 15 minutes, giving enough time to light logs without kindling.

Does the ceramic stone wear out?

The Fire lighters ceramic stone is made to last. However, they can crack due to wear and tear so we recommend removing the stone from the fire once it has ignited. If you need more ceramic balls for your fire starter you can contact us.

What oil can I use?

The best option is odourless lamp oil - which we sell here. You can also use Kerosene or Citronella, however these may have stronger smells. DO NOT USE any other flammable liquid including meths. The options listed above do not evaporate and therefore will last longer and are safer to light. 

Does the Fire starter handle get hot?

The handle on the fire starter is just used to put the ball in and out of the fire, so it doesn't get hot unless you left it in the fire. We have coated it in a high-temp coating that allows it to withstand higher temperatures, however, we do not recommend leaving it in the fire for extended periods.

Where can I buy lamp oil for the fire lighter?

Fire starter lamp oil can be purchased at most hardware stores world wide, or on our website. Note - purchasing lamp oil from our site is for NZ customers only.

What material is the fire starter pot made from?

The Fire lighter pot is made from Aluminium, so that it can be used outside and inside with no risk to rusting.

Is the Fire starter available to ship worldwide?

Yes, we courier the fire lighter worldwide everyday.

We genuinely think that the fire lighter is the easiest way to light your fire, with no need for kindling, single use firestarters or newspaper, the firestarter makes many people's daily fire lighting task a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

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