Leisure Workshop was started by Jonty McCool in 2020.

Jonty’s passion for design, craft and building products stems from his childhood being surrounded by two very mechanically minded granddads. One a pilot and engineer, the other a farmer with a very important shed, where most of his days were spent creating and building. Their passion for design and curiosity in the mechanics of how things worked led Jonty on a pathway, learning from them the ways of tinkering in sheds and making things by hand to eventually, many years later, creating Leisure Workshop.

Jonty started Leisure Workshop from Wanaka, New Zealand. Leisure Workshop takes inspiration for its products from the surrounding paramount environment, and the resourceful-minded people that live within it.

Leisure Workshop is passionate about creating everlasting products and ideas that both us and our customers are proud to have in their homes.

Leisure is defined as “use of free time for enjoyment”; we pride ourselves on providing products that are highly functional, and are built to add enjoyment and a sense of leisure in your everyday.

Our environmental footprint is at the forefront of all of our products design and lifecycle. We make our products from natural materials and quality materials so that they can be a staple household item for generations. We have a zero plastic policy across all of our packaging and we offset our freight emissions with the Green DHL programme.